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How to convert Youtube video to mp3?

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Here we go again with the instructions. Our next howto module is the most asked question in our email inbox: can users convert Youtube video to mp3 using My Video Converter online? And our answer is simple: yes, you can! MyVid can convert Youtube video to mp3 to save it on any device or any platform.

MyVid is the ultimate youtube mp3 converter. Try it out. It's quite intuitive with simple yet functional design, and the team behind it is constantly improving user experience. MyVid can convert videos from quite a few websites to mp3, and Youtube is one of them, the most demanded and full of videos that are worth to convert to mp3 and listen offline. Let's discuss how to use MyVid to do just that....

Convert Youtube to mp3

The process is very simple and is quite similar to the instructions on how to download Youtube video, only in this case we have 1 extra step, well, rather 1 different step. So here we go, first we need to copy Youtube video URL from somewhere like the browser or Youtube app. Then with the URL copied into clipboard, we open MyVid and paste the URL into the white search box in the center of the top page section. Here's how it looks on my screen:

open myvid and paste video URL

Now lets hit the red button on the right - GO - and see what happens. Thanks to small tiny info-delivery redesign introduced just before this article, now page doesn't refresh on every request, but rather uses AJAX to smoothly show new video info. That is why now page will just scroll a bit to the place where info will be popping up in a sec. In any case, this brings us to the second part of this instructional manual...

Download converted mp3

This part is not yet ripe but is about to get there. After hitting the red button, we see info load up and instead of going for the big red button, we look for mp3 indicator in the table of download sources. That found, press or click or tap it, and mp3 converter button will load. Hit that and after conversion is complete, download will start magically, so you can be distracted with other stuff. Most downloads happen within 3-4 seconds, so you may just wanna stick around for this. Here's how it all looks for me:

convert youtube to mp3 step 2

As you may have noticed, the button we need is marked on that screenshot with an arrow. Hint: sometimes it says no video info, - I recommend reloading whole page wi