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myvid - Terms of Service

Don't have any right now.. enjoy free unlimited usage of this website. as long as website is up and running, it is free to use as much as you want. according to our fair usage regulations, of course, such as only 1 video converter request per 30 seconds. But website will let you know about it only when it detects attmepts at unfair usage actions, so you may never see those..

myvid - Privacy Policy

Currently site does not collect any user data. There is no advertising involved, thus there's no need to collect any data. Site is equiped with https secure access, which even more prevents any data collection. Users only submit various URLs, no personal data is passed or stored along with that.

myvid - Cookies usage and policy

As a means of preventing hotlinking and unfair usage against our Terms of Service, we employ 2-3 cookies and as browser session parameters, and in case of multi-language site to preserve your browsing experience thru saving preferred language as a cookie. We also employ pagespeed to speed up page loads, sometimes it may try beacons and other stuff, just to improve page loading speed, it may try to collectsome users' page loading speeds and experience, but all of it is completely anonymous and no data is saved past the speeds of pages loading..

myvid - DMCA/Copyright policy

Our users are smart to download only videos and music for their own personal use, thus DVR-ing the internet. It is a fair policy accepted by judiciary systems of all countries that have related laws. We do understand that sometimes original media owners do not want it shared, recorded or converted to mp3. For those times we have special contact email webmaster @ myvid - please, include PDF copies of all documents proving your original ownership of the video in question, or your request will not be considered legitimate.