myvid F.A.Q. (questions? - answered)

In this section I've compiled questions that are asked the most on my email. So here are a few quick answers. If you are not satisfied after reading this, and your question remains yet unanswered - please, feel free to contact me personally.

Why video doesn't download but starts playing instead?

It happens, some websites tell browser to play the video (or audio) instead of downloading it. In such cases simply use Right-click + Save link as option from the menu. On mobile devices tap and hole the link until menu with Download link option shows up, - tap that one. Also Apple devices will always stream video and audio, unless specifically dealt with and broken out of apple imposed media jail..

Why my favorite video site isn't listed in supported websites?

MyVid supports 100s of video sites to convert. In fact, if a site isn't present in the list of supported sites, - simply proceed to try and submit the link. In most cases our smart downloader will sniff out download link even if site isn't 'officially' supported. Give MyVid a try!

How to convert youtube video to mp3 audio using this site?

The process is still the same: copy video link, paste it into the box, submit, see download options. If site is supported by our mp3 converter, it will indicate so with a little "mp3" link in the audio download options section. Hit that, a button will appear that will need another click/tap to start working. A few moments later video is converted to mp3 and download starts automatically as soon as mp3 conversion is over. Mp3 converter works for Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vevo, and many other sites.

How to save online videos on Android device?

It is very easy to do so. Simply tap and hold your finger on any download link (stop, have you reached there? assuming - yes), when menu pops out there'll be Download Link option. Tap that link (menu option) and file will begin downloading. If video starts playing after you hit the download button, tap and hold the playing video, until menu shows up etc you know from there..

Why I cannot download video or audio on my Iphone?

It is thanks to Apple and their maniacal Itunes stuff.. You will need some tech knowledge or special downloader software to be able to download files properly on any Apple device, not just Iphones..

What if my video says nothing was found?

Not all website allow easy video extractions, some come up with new ways to hide it, so.. It's no guaranteed that you will download your online video here. But you can always drop us an email, and we'll work on adding the websites to the list of supported video sources.

Where is all the advertising and popups and malware?

Ha ha. Thanks for noticing. We don't have any popups, any ads, and malware or anything at all nasty. Out site is user friendly.

Why mp3 converter is not available for this video site?

Drop us a line, what site has good videos to be converted to mp3, and we'll work on adding that site to our supported list. But if you just want some car crashes collection turned into mp3 - consider not contacting us...