How to download online video with myvid

It is no surprise all of us sooner or later face the fact of losing certain video from our collection. It could be accidental deletion of the file, or the need to remove something to free up some space, and yet again deleting something you loved. But no worries, cause you know the video is online and it is quite easy to get back. Simply download that online video to have it back again in your collection. And MyVid is truly a great tool for that.

The proces of getting back the video is simple and requires no technical knowledge. Anyone can do it, if they know where to find the video online. And so, here are the few steps to take to download online video:

  1. To begin, we need video URL. It's that web address you need to know to access the video in your internet browser. It's very easy to copy that link into your device clipboard. Right click in the browser address bar, and select Copy. That's all! On keyboard most browsers will react to F6 & CTRL+C. Mobile browsers will offer to copy the link if you tap and hold the address bar: menu will show up, select all of the text if required and tap copy icon.
  2. Now with the link safely stored in the clipboard, open in a new browser tab. The site is very simple and easy to use. There's 1 single white box in the center of the page, that's where we need to paste the text (link) from the clipboard. On desktop, right click in the white box and select Paste. On mobile device, hit in the white box and hold your finger until menu appears, select Paste from that menu.
  3. If you know Youtube video you like to download, it's ok to simply type in first few letters of the search text and let us help you with the rest. In your turn, simply pick one of the few videos we offer from youtube search results, and click/tap it to proceed.
  4. Finally we're all set, video URL is in the box, and we hit download button and after a few moments screen is filled with different video and audio download options.
  5. This whole copy-paste process can be avoided by using myvid browser bookmark-let. All you do it open the video page and hit that bookmark. It sends you to MyVid with video link automagically attached already and inserter into the box for you, button gets pressed and download links show up, all with just 1 single click on the browser bookmark.
  6. Now the real fun starts. Depending on the website, you will see video download options, audio mp3 converter, if it's possible, and just plain audio of non-mp3 formats, if present. Most links will have file-size listed, format, video dimensions and audio bitrate, etc. Select the format you like and download online video to your device.
  7. Sometimes video will start streaming instead of downloading, when you hit the download button. It is normal behavior, website instructs browser to stream the file rather than download it. In such cases on desktop simply right-click the download link and select Save link as.. On mobile devices tap and hold the link and when menu appears, select Download Link option. Mobile instructions are mostly for Android; Iphone won't let download any media unless you jailbreak it, and if you do that, then you need no instructions on how to download the file, obviously..

That's all there is pretty much to downloading and converting online video. Now your favorite grandma's new video can be downloaded and shared with all relatives on the family outing. Enjoy download and conver online video with MyVid.